When you play guitars like me for decades and are very passionate about them, one cannot help but tinker with the tools of the trade. When I had day jobs throughout the years to supplement my music income, I was mainly involved in painting, refinishing and antique furniture restoration. That gave me the foundation for technique, color and shading applications and an understanding to artistically and creatively make use of that knowledge base with guitar finishing and refinishing.

I've refinished guitars using most all of the Fender guitar solid and transparent colors that you see on Telecasters, Broadcasters, Esquires, Stratocasters, Precision & Jazz Bass guitars. I've also done traditional Fender two & three sunburst finishes as well. I've refinished many Gibson guitars like Les Paul's and LP Juniors and SG's using the traditional Gibson style finishes. One on my very first refinishes was a Gibson ES125.

The photo gallery shows recent projects from my personal collection that I actually currently gigging with. I can recreate very convincing finishes of various levels distress to the perfect closet classic grade with no chips or wear. If you are building a parts-caster and want to sub out the finishing... please contact me about your project and finish ideas. All sealers, toners, color coat and clear coats are nitrocellulose lacquers only. Depending on what you want and what guitar it is, the price can vary.